Sunday, September 16, 2012

FASHION WEEK ..thank you

With all things fashion ………..  So what is trending for spring 2013?

I know it a little funny to think so far ahead and we are still having a little summer left.   But if you love fashion like I do…it very important to know or just have fun seeing the hits & miss.

Get those legs in shape… look like short and heel are here to stand!! There with a lot on the runway. It’s great because you can go from day to night by just changing your shoes with flats for day and heels for night!!

                      Vera Wang Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Long skirts &  dresses are here now and good new there back in the spring 2013 too. For me you can wear it all year long...Boot for winter and sandal for summer. I wasn’t sure about wearing  long  but NOW love them!!  and so happy to see lace going strong!!!!!!!!


And here the big one for me “FANNY PACK” I know it’s the funnies thing…I love them and have a couple myself...but away felt a little OLD; O  

But they are all over the runway!!!!!!!!!

What I love is fashion is wide open.. sure there TREND but it look like anything go!! WIDE LEG, SKINNY LEG, SHORT SKIRT, LONGSKIRT, PENCIL SKIRTS AND YEA EVEN THE JUMPSUIT! get the picture! It's all about you and what you’re about, so trending now …SELF EXPESSION!!
    Anna Sui Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear 
It was very cool to see what’s new and not so new…in fashion you can’t reinvent the wheel only turn it…and there at ONE GIRLS PARTY  that what I’m all about  SELF EXPESSION, it in my handbag, jewelry and clothing are  freestyle..  “NOT REINVENT JUST TURNING”

Well heading back in my studio there a lot of work ahead and I LOVE IT!!!!!


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