Friday, December 13, 2013


Let’s take a fashion moment…
 If I could walk through the mine of one designer it would be the great Karl Lagerfeld. How he comes up with idea after idea is truly mine blowing?

And now with Chanel a man after my heart ( I love the old west) with Paris-Dallas it perfect. I love how he talk about it takes a team, we all what a great team to stand with you and for him he has one of the best! Karl is the creator but someone must bring it to LIFE!
As a home base designer we need  "fashion moment" with people like Karl , it show us to "walk through your own mine"  be the creator you what to be ....
XOXO One Girls Party


Monday, December 9, 2013

IT'S MY PARTY!!!!!!!!!

Boy time fly when you’re having fun …I'm so busy and I love it.

Well is that time of year...making plan for a New Year, shopping for the perfect gift and Victoria Secret Fashion Show…Well its look like my years of being a V.S.M are up!

But adding to my “BUCKET LIST” and a long time dream making those amazing wing that must be one of the best job ever , being able to design or even make those wing.

Were do I put in my application? 

For me it’s the best part of the show!! So I’m hang up my wing but not my dream …and yes I believe in “Angel”




Fashion to go