I’m playing catch-up with “fashion week Berlin”.Where there so much fashion and so little time.

I was check out a lot of the shows via the net and what I love is when I discover someone new (to me!!)

BASLER’SCreative –Manager Director, MR. Brian Rennie. The Scotsman studied at Royal Collage of the Art in London. With names like Jennifer, Basigner and Princess Diane I see why he’s call the “king of couture”

The show was perfect it what a show should be. The hair was great and the model not over the top soon the collection just pop. What was very cool to me was it great for all ages

If you are a Designer or love fashion please take the time to check out a perfect show, it flows beautifully.

I will keep the show as inspiration moment
Thank you Mr. Rennie job well done and now a fan of “BASLER”


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