Monday, July 30, 2012


Inspiration of the week, it all in the bag with LOUIS VUITTON!

Here a short story…I’m sure we all remember the knock off L.V. Well back in the days all of my friends were buying them… but I wasn’t sure if I should buy one or not. Because it was all over the news about cracking down on store sell them. But they look so cool. So my friend says “come on I will take you to the store that sell them”. So we drove up to the store there was police Cars Park by the store. I was thinking OH MY GOD there getting busted, now what? So we waited in the car for a short time but nothing. So we went into the aka the hair shop. And in the back were the entire L.V bags. My heart was beating fast, I was thinking about the cops outside. My friend asks the lady what going on with the police? It only the small local police dept. next door.  We stated laughs so hard!!! And today I will never buy a knock off again…yes I still have my knock-off L.V

The brand started in Paris France by Vuitton in 1854. The luggage was design for those long voyage and was made easy because of it stackable style. Even back then luggage makers started imitate the style of L.V. So he change the design by adding beige and brown stripe

In 1885 L.V open their first store in London England and not until 1896 its graphic symbols of quatrefoils, flowers and the L.V monogram, we love today.

I just love reading the history of fashion and L.V with very cool. The brand is very strong today... with the great collaboration with designer like the wonderful MARC JACOBS..I love the 2012 fashion show keep it true to the brand,I'm sure Mr.Vuitton is proud

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