Thursday, October 3, 2013




As the last days of FASHION WEEKS come to an end…I have had the best time the last couple of weeks and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With "FASHION WEEK" it's a great way to get those creative juice flowing!!!!!!!!

  The cool edge style of Sara Burton for McQueen push the envelope perfectly...The bead work, the shoes, the feather LOVE, Thank Sara from do just an amazing job the shoes!!.. yes, you are perfect and yes I believe in ANGEL

The Valentino team from Chiuri & Piccioli did an amazing romance collection and the jewelry is a must see detail that so crazy cool








From the street’s of Paris #@%$&^*&(()_)($%@#!@%&&*(*^(^%$#@$@$^%*&(*)_+_&#&$$….thank you  

Passion for fashion… So much fashion so little time!!

miu love

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